Tablet users could get a neat upgrade in Android 14

It will massively improve the usability of keyboard attachments

Lenovo Tab Extreme on T3 colour background
(Image credit: Lenovo / Future)

Picking up one of the best tablets is a great option for a variety of uses. Modern devices have heaps of power on tap, meaning you can comfortably do away with a laptop in favour of a decent tablet for surfing the web and most office-based tasks.

Whether you opt for an iPad or one of the various Android tablets on the market – like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – you're bound to find something that fits your setup. Now, the case for choosing an Android tablet is even stronger.

That's because the upcoming Android 14 operating system features a great improvement for using a keyboard with them. Currently, users have a very limited selection of keyboard shortcuts on offer, but that could all change.

The feature was spotted in the beta version of the operating system by tech insider, Mishaal Rahman. He found a much more comprehensive list of shortcuts on offer, which should make it easier than ever to use a physical keyboard with an Android device.

That's a great upgrade. I firmly believe that using a tablet in place of a computer is a great option for most people. It works brilliantly in place of a traditional family computer, and can make a great option for those looking for an ultra-portable system that packs a punch.

This only strengthens that belief, making it easier than ever to use a tablet with a physical keyboard in the same way you'd use a laptop. There's no word yet on when Android 14 will be publicly released, but historically it's happened in the early Autumn.

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