T3 Quick Hit: This bike from Sven Cycles folds down to the size of airplane hand luggage!

Don't ride your bike, that's old hat: simply disassemble it in no time, then carry it around in a sturdy travel case or bag

Travelling on a bike is fun. Travelling with a bike, especially by aeroplane, not so much. 

Now British custom bike bods Sven Cycles has a solution: a new travel-friendly, fold-up bicycle that can be broken down and folded away into a sturdy hardcase or a handy travel bag.

Sven's bikes are hand-made and customised to your bespoke order, with the travel case option being the latest such customisation on offer. 

Each bike comes with one, 'easy-to-use' tool that's all you need in order to disassemble and assemble your new two-wheeled wonder in no time.

The bike setup comes in two options; a sturdy hard case or a practical backpack for ease if travelling for months at a time. All cases are within airlines standards so that you don't incur extra baggage charges. 

The weight of each bike is dependent to what sort of bike you choose to ride and customise, so this can vary between 17lb and 25lb. Either way, it's still a pretty lightweight design that won't break your back when transporting on the train, etc.

Bicycle prices vary from £2,500 all the way up to £5,000. The travel mod is a further £600, with the hard case adding £400 and the backpack £200.

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