T3 Quick Hit: is Joseph Joseph's Flex Plus the ultimate bog brush?

With revolutionary design, flexible heads, 'anti-clog tech' and more, we very much think so

British housewear innovator Joseph Joseph has launched a brand new bathroom range, including some new toilet brushes that are flexible enough to clean the parts of the toilet that never see light of day.

The new Flex Smart toilet brush (£25) and Flex Plus toilet brush (£30) could be your new best friend the next time you're giving the porcelain throne a once over. 

Joseph Joseph calls these items the, "evolution of the toilet brush," with a flexible D-shaped head that can reach all areas, even under the rim. 

Both models offer dual-height bristles that maintain effective cleaning while scrubbing. The brush also has an anti-clog design (wide bristle space which ensures dirt rinses off easily), as well as offering a non drip and slimline for space saving. 

The range also includes the Easy Store Toothbrush Caddy (£10) and Large Toothbrush Caddy (£15), which offer effective storage of electric toothbrushes, toothpaste and more (with added ventilation and easy cleaning). Joseph Joseph also has an Easy Store Bathroom Caddy (£18) - a perfect bathroom gadget for tidying away razors, shampoos, body lotions and hairbrushes.

To round it all of there's the Slim Soap Pump (£12 - which a non-drop nozzle and a capacity of 350ml), the Slim Compact Soap Dish (£8 - featuring a sloping design that saves space and can hold a full size soap bar in less space) and the Split Bathroom waste separation bin (£20 - which includes split compartments to separate recycling in the bathroom bin).

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