T3 Awards 2020: Kanto TUK of North America is a gen-u-wine Bluetooth speaker for the discerning

Proof that 'Bluetooth speaker' is NOT synonymous with 'small, portable, cheap thing' – in association with Deezer

T3 Awards 2020: Kanto TUK is our #1 Bluetooth speaker, Sonos Move is Highly Commended
(Image credit: Kanto)

For the T3 Awards 2020 we still have a best Bluetooth speaker category – not to be confused with the one for multi-room speakers. However what we're generally talking about is wireless speakers. At this point, no really high quality Bluetooth speaker exists that isn't either small and portable or a speaker that uses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

That's certainly the case for the Sonos Move, which is Highly Commended in this category. However our winner is a bona fide Bluetooth speaker – there's no other wireless connectivity – that thinks it's a complete hi-fi system. This is the Kanto TUK, and it's from Canada, like Leonard Cohen, and moose. 

Supporting Bluetooth 4.2 – SBC, AAC and AptX – this is a stylish stereo pair of speakers – one houses a gamut of Class D amplifiers, while the other is its passive slave. Sexy. 

As well as Bluetooth there's a pre-amped input for your record player turntable, plus your standard line level input, an optical digital one, and USB for connecting your laptop. It's a complete hi-fi system housed in a pair of speakers, in other words. If you want more bass – though we wouldn't say it lacks it – there's even a subwoofer output, too.

The fact it's proper stereo means it sounds better than just about any other Bluetooth-only speaker, and performance is consistently good across all the physical inputs as well.

Your colour choices: white, as seen above, or black, as not seen above. For those who want the ultimate convenience of Bluetooth music, with a whole load of additional connectivity options for the rest of your audio arsenal, Kanto TUK is a must. It's the best musical thing from Canada since Neil Young or Skinny Puppy.

Highly Commended: Sonos Move

Have you ever wanted a Sonos One that could run on battery, be chucked on your patio without fear of its destruction, and be connected to with Bluetooth as well as the usual Wi-Fi/Sonos app methodology? Well… now you can. 

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Sonos One packs Alexa and Assistant, it sounds pretty much exactly like a Sonos One and it also functions very well as a Bluetooth speaker. 

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