SwitchBot officially launches world's first fully automated robot floor cleaner

It features an auto water refill and drainage system

SwitchBot s10
(Image credit: Switchbot)

Taking place only a few months ago, IFA 2023 brought in lots of information about new tech products and updates. We rounded up the best IFA releases at the time (check out T3's IFA 2023 Awards if you're interested) but that doesn't mean the show is over. At the event, SwitchBot seriously impressed the crowds with their latest product, and it's one to give even the best robot vacuum cleaner a run for its money. Well, it was announced yesterday that the SwitchBot S10 has officially launched on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $799 (it’ll cost $1199.99 at retail).

The SwitchBot S10 is the world's first fully automated floor cleaning robot with auto water refill and drain. Its innovative compact water station is one of a kind, adaptable to kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room plumbing. The S10 has a fantastic cleaning performance, with 6500Pa high suction power, auto empty, self-cleaning roller mop and auto mop drying. To make it even more technical, the S10 is also the world's first robot capable of refilling a humidifier. 

Compared with large integrated base stations, the S10's Water Station occupies a much smaller floor space, and has no wastewater tank that may emit foul smells. Have we got your attention yet? Keep reading to find out more. 

SwitchBot S10: Price and availability 

The S10 is officially launched on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $799, reduced from an RRP of $1199.99. SwitchBot also offers a chance to save even more when joining the SwitchBot S10 rebate program

SwitchBot s10

(Image credit: SwitchBot)

SwitchBot S10: Features 

Auto water refill and drainage 

With an industry first auto-refilling and draining Water Station system, the SwitchBot S10 is able to self-sufficiently clean the home. There is no need to manually refill its water tank with fresh water and pour out sewage, meaning users don't have to remember to do so themselves. 

Just like washing machines and dishwashers that are used to at home, simply connect the device’s water inlet pipe to a water intake or faucet, and connect the drainage pipe to the drain port. This ensures the Water Station is able to help S10 auto-refill and drain itself, without the need for human intervention.

SwitchBot also offers a range of retrofit accessories to enable its compact Water Station to adapt to kitchens, bathrooms, laundry room plumbing, or anywhere with a water supply. If a water supply can’t be connected to, Switchbot can also supply external cleaning and wastewater tank accessories to ensure usability for a wide range of households.

Carpet and wooden floor friendly

With a suction power of up to 6500 pa, it provides strong carpet cleaning. The new roller mop simultaneously scrubs and washes, performing a self-clean 300 times per minute, without returning to the station. It is gentle and will not damage flooring. When it detects carpets, not only will it increase suction power and lift the roller mop, but also stop spraying water and scrape any remaining water away, ensuring carpets don't get wet.

LiDAR navigation and AI obstacle avoidance

Equipped with advanced LiDAR navigation, the S10 can quickly and accurately map and efficiently clean. Users can easily set no-go zones and specify rooms for cleaning on the App. The S10 also has AI obstacle avoidance.

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