Stranger Things 4 Vol 2 finale looks epic – but it's bound to be unsatisfying

The Netflix trailer for the final two episodes of Stranger Things 4 looks incredible, but I can't get too excited...

Netflix Stranger Things Series 4 Volume 2
(Image credit: Netflix)

Stranger Things has been the perfect blend of sci-fi, nostalgia and adventure since the very first series. While it has certainly had its ups and (upside) downs, series 4 has been a definite return to form. 

At the end of Stranger Things Series 4 volume 1 (without spoilers for those yet to finish) we finally see the link between Vecna, Eleven, and the Upside Down. It's a great cliffhanger that prepares us for the final two episodes. 

The first trailer from Netflix for these final two episodes doesn't disappoint. It's a medley of all your favorite characters getting ready for what is guaranteed to be an epic final battle between good and evil. The fate of Hawkins, if not the world, is at stake and only Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Max, Robin, Nancy, Steve and Eddie can save it. All to an eerie remix of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill. 

The thing is, I already know that the ending will be unsatisfying. Even if it has been enough of a reason for me to resubscribe to the streaming service.

That's because we already know there's a series 5 coming. If everything ties up neatly now, there will be nothing for the Hellfire Club et al to do, aside from play a few games of D&D. 

Now, in previous series we have had what appears to be a resolve at the end. The bad guy or Demogorgon dies and the rift between the worlds closes. So we may well see an apparent end of Vecna but there needs to be something left, which means it's not over for good. 

So, get ready to enjoy the final two episodes – which air from 1 July – as they will be impressive I'm sure. And try not to think too much about what's coming in series 5 until it's over. But after at least you can watch these five great shows next.

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