Love Stranger Things 4? Watch these 5 shows next

Smashed through season 4 part 1 a bit quickly? Here are 5 Stranger Things alternatives to tide you over until part 2

Stranger Things 4
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Stranger Things is a phenomenon. It's pretty much the reason to not cancel Netflix. And season 4 has come in strong, having launched 27 May in its first part, with epic-long episodes that it might take you a bit of time to get through watching. 

But if, like I, you're a Stranger Things mega-fan and crunch through season 4 part 1 in little time then, well, you're going to want something else to binge watch, right? 

So without further ado, here are five great shows similar to Stranger Things that are well worth your time to track down in the weeks between the two parts...

1. The OA

The OA

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This one might split opinion, but I loved the OA and was really gutted when Netflix cancelled it. 

The show is about a young woman who appears seven years after vanishing from her home, without explanation, and delves into the past to explore what happened.

But it's far from simple: there's something supernatural going on, or so it seems, and it takes protagonist Prairie, played by Brit Marling, to concoct a group of friends to undertake a secret mission. 

It's very playful, sometimes mad, other times daunting, but the show will keep you guessing until the very end... which, sadly, happened a little too early, as despite a clear pathway to season 3 being clear, Netflix cancelled the show.

2. I Am Not Okay With This

I Am Not OK With This

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Immediately relatable to Stranger Things, given it's a coming-of-age drama about a teenage girl, Sydney Novak, who is struggling to balance her high school life with her sexuality. But that's not all as, you guessed it, she also possesses superpowers that are also taking some coming to terms with. 

It's a fun show that I found often funny (a little like my no.5 pick further down the page) and playful. But that doesn't take away from some of its supreme dark themes either. A rare balance to get all those blended perfectly. Well worth a watch. 

3. True Detective (season 1)

True Detective

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You'll have to shimmy away from Netflix to find this one, which is no surprise as True Detective is an HBO show (and therefore on HBO Max in the USA). And I know what you're thinking: how can a cop drama compare in any way to Stranger Things?

Well, let me tell you: season 1 has more than an air of supernatural about it, depending on how you view protagonist Rust Cohle's visions, and while there's no out-and-out horror moments, the brooding nature of the whole series crescendos dramatically. 

No teenagers to be seen anywhere, mind, as it's a lot more grown up than Stranger Things' sub-topics, but season 1 is a spectacular way to watch Matthew McConaughey at his best. 

Don't worry about the following two seasons, by the way, as they're entirely separate (enjoyable as I also found them, despite many disagreeing).

4. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

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Twin Peaks echoes Stranger Things' Hawkins because in both towns odd occurrences happen due to a rift between dimensions. And in both shows one initial incident expands into something much, much bigger. 

Twin Peaks' revival series was borne of the original 90s season and is effortlessly quirky in its ways. That's also to say that not everyone will be on board, as it lacks the immediate accessibility of Stranger Things' teen gang vibe. 

But without the original Twin Peaks there's an argument that Stranger Things might never have come to be. 

5. The End of the F***ing World

End of the F***ing World

(Image credit: Channel 4 / Netflix)

I had to get a British show in there somehow, didn't I? This dark (emphasis on the dark) comedy drama, brought to you by Channel 4 and broadcast on Netflix, is about, well, a teenage wannabe killer. 

Doesn't sound too chirpy, does it? But the show walks a fine line of wistful teenage drama, has relatable quips of life's uncertainties, and quietly studies the perils of growing up. It's also very funny and beautifully shot. 

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