How to cancel Netflix: easily end streaming service subscription plan

Frustrated by Netflix cancelling shows or just run out of good shows to watch? Here's how to cancel the streaming service

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There's a lot of competition for the best streaming service crown right now. Netflix, of course, and Amazon Prime Video are near the top. Apple TV+ recently won three Oscars for CODA; Disney Plus has a lot of great content too. Then there's Hulu, Paramount Plus, Now, YouTube Premium – the list goes on and on.

But with Netflix having raised its prices again back in March 2022, for access to an increasingly thinning catalogue of movies and TV shows, you might be considering cancelling your subscription to the service for good. And not just because Warrior Nun isn't returning for season 3. 

You wouldn't be alone either. A lot of people took to Twitter to decry the price increases (including Bernie Sanders) when they happened, often joking about the lack of quality content on the service. I'm doing the opposite though: my Netflix plan is to resubscribe for Christmas 2022. 

So, how do you cancel Netflix? Thankfully, cutting ties with your Netflix plan's subscription is a simple process. Here's how it's done:

Step 1: Go to your Account 


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Head to the Account section on Netflix and you'll be presented with everything about your account. You can change various settings, including your personal information, managing profiles, and so on.

Step 2: Select Cancel Membership 


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Next, click on Cancel Membership in the top left section and you'll be taken to page where you can either Finish Cancelation, which will let you retain access until your next billing date, or switch to a different (and perhaps) cheaper plan.

If you're currently on the 4K HDR plan, it might be worth switching to the cheaper 1080p HD plan and trying that out. It'll save you money in the short term and may be a sensible solution for some. 

Step 3: That's it! 

Netflix will hold onto your account information (like viewing habits) for 10 months, but you won't be paying anything for the service during that period.

If you want Netflix to delete this information, you can email the company at, requesting that they delete it. Make sure it's from the email associated with your account, however, otherwise it won't work.

There you have it: Netflix cancelled.

Max Slater-Robins

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