Stock up on this eco-friendly red wine stain remover before the Christmas party!

Attirecare promises a better result than chucking some white wine over it

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With the Christmas party season in full swing and the mulled wine in full flow, you’re going to want to prepare for the inevitable spillages.

We’re talking a splash of Malbec down your favourite Christmas jumper, a slosh of Merlot on the office carpet, and an entire glass on Shiraz on the sofa for good measure.

It’s a heart-stopping moment, and while there’s always someone ready to confidently chuck a glass of white on top because they read about it once on the internet, we’ve got a better idea.

This red wine stain remover by Attirecare, a British clothing care brand, is hand-made exclusively from biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients.

(Image credit: Attirecare)

Deployed from a 250ml spray bottle, the stain remover is suitable for clothing, furniture and carpets - everywhere red wine has a habit of landing, basically - and is lightly scented with a fresh cotton fragrance.

Attirecare claims the £15 spray is quick and effective, and is designed to remove tough and stubborn stains but without using any toxic chemicals. A few sprays, a bit of dabbing, and the stain remover claims to return your clothes, carpet and sofa to their original condition.

Also high on our wish list for the party season is Attirecare’s Crease Release. This spray is also eco-friendly and biodegradable, and is designed to substitute the iron when you either haven’t got one to hand, or simply can’t be bothered.

All you have to do, Attirecare says, is spray it onto your garment, give it a stretch to release the creases, and let it dry. You shall go to the office Christmas party, and your shirt will be crease-free.

This spray has the same fresh cotton fragrance as the red wine stain remover, and is offered in a 100ml bottle for £10.

Check out the entire Attirecare range at Couverture & Garbstore.

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