Steve Wozniak considering Apple return in Jobs' absence

Apple co-founder pondering return to company

Wozniak would consider Apple return if asked

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has announced he would consider a return to the fruity tech company if asked despite wishing Apple products were more open.


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Having founded Apple back in 1976 with the now talismanic front man Steve Jobs and Ronal Wayne, Wozniak, who is accredited with building the Apple I and Apple II computers, devices that revolutionised personal computing, stopping daily work for the tech giant in 1987 but remains on the company payroll.

Asked if he would adopt a more hands-on, active roll within the company if presented with the opportunity, Wozniak, speaking at a server conference in Brighton, said: “I'd consider it, yeah.”
Speaking on his opinion of Apple products since leaving the firm Woz said: "Unbelievable. The products, one after another, quality and hits." Believing he could still bring something to Apple he added: "There's just an awful lot I know about Apple products and competing products that has some relevance, some meaning.”

Although seemingly keen to make a return to Apple at some point in the future, co-founder Wozniak has criticised the closed-system Apple adopts, forcing users of its products to buy further content direct from Apple owned digital stores. He said: "My thinking is that Apple could be more open and not lose sales," diplomatically adding: "I'm sure they're making the right decisions for the right reasons for Apple."

Apple CEO and fellow co-founder Steve Jobs is currently undertaking a third medical leave of absence from the company since being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004.

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Via: Reuters