Stephen Fry becomes the latest voice of TomTom

Former T3 Award winner Stephen Fry becomes latest star to lend voice to TomTom

Former T3 Gadget Awards Personality of the Year winner Stephen Fry becomes the latest star to become the voice of TomTom sat navs

TV personality, writer and former T3 Gadget Awards Gadget Personality of the Year winner Stephen Fry has become the latest famous face to lend is voice to TomTom sat navs.

Famed for his intellectual quips and Queen's English accent Fry has lent his voice to the infamous navigation devices with the QI host joining the likes of Brian Blessed, Darth Vader and Jeremy Clarkson as audible navigators available for download.

Stephen Fry TomTom Navigation

Available to download now ahead of those long Christmas time car journeys to see relatives TomTom owners can add Stephen Fry's luxurious utterances to their devices with the former Blackadder star's directional abilities to set wannabe owners back £7.95.

Some of Fry's soon to be famous TomTom catchphrases include: "Now when possible, could you turn around. Ideally don't do it when impossible. Bless!"

Drivers reaching their destinations will be met with a light-hearted ego boosting: "Now then, after 500 yards you have reached your destination. Congratulations. I think I may be falling in love with you".

Who would you like to see loan their voice to TomTom's in-car navigation systems? Let us know via the comments box below.

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