Steam Deck 2 confirmed, but it's not all good news

Don't get your hopes up too soon

Steam Deck OLED
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Valve has recently launched a new version of its PC gaming handheld in the form of Steam Deck OLED, but many are still wondering if there will be a more powerful successor. And the good news is that there will.

The company has confirmed that a Steam Deck 2 is on the road map, but if you're holding off making a buying decision, you might have a while to wait still. Its team has suggested that it'll take two to three years before the next-generation machine will be available.

"We do think that a Steam Deck 2.0 is necessary," said Valve hardware designer, Yazan Aldehayyat, to Axios.

"Steam Deck OLED was necessary. We feel like there's a road map ahead of us."

A speedy release for a true follow-up isn't possible though, claims fellow designer, Lawrence Yang: "We really want it to be a generational increase," he added. The chips that are available now won't work so well in a portable machine.

"In the next two or three years, we're confident that something will be what we would consider appropriate for a proper Steam Deck 2 device."

Instead, Valve is looking at the Steam Deck OLED as a great device for the here and now, and it can improve in time: "There's a lot of performance to be squeezed out with software optimisation still," revealed Aldehayyat.

What is the Steam Deck OLED and when will it be available?

The Steam Deck OLED model will be officially available from tomorrow, Thursday 16 November 2023. There are two variants that will be offered for order from 10am PT, 6pm GMT.

The 512GB model will cost £479 / $549, while a 1TB version will be available for £569 / $649. As well as the increased storage, those opting for the latter will also receive a carry case, plus exclusive startup movie and virtual keyboard theme.

Both will sport the OLED display, which adds HDR and a larger screen size (7.4-inches), while other enhancements include longer battery life thanks to a larger, 50Whr cell, and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity for faster, more stable wireless network support.

The original, non-OLED Steam Decks are also still available at reduced prices (while stocks last). Valve will keep the Steam Deck 256GB LCD model in its lineup going forward.

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