Sony's weird PS5 idea and The Sims music festival all feature in Totally Rated this week

Our weekly round-up of tech and gaming is back for season 2

Totally Rated Season 2, episode 1
(Image credit: Future)

Totally Rated is back for a second season, and it's packed full of news from the past week. In this show, we've got news about Sony selling PS5s to people who already have one. There's also a look at the Sims Session music festival, which is supposed to make up for the lack of real music events over the past year, but does it achieve it's goal?

Then we take a look at Mobile World Congress, which is usually a roaring beast of new phone launches. This year we've had very little, thanks to the pandemic and big companies staying away. But there were some small things we learned from the event, like Samsung having another event later in the summer to actually announce things. 

We've also got a look at the new Beats Studio Buds, which will be a big deal, although they're currently not available outside the US. UK music fans hoping to score a pair will have to wait for some time, with no official date given for when these buds can be yours. We run through the pros and cons of these ear buds in this week's show, but rest assured these are well worth your consideration. 

New episodes of Totally Rated will roll out every week. We'll see you next Friday for another new episode of the show. 

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