Sony Xperia Z3 & Compact destroy every other flagship's battery life

The wunderkind smartphone duo just gets better and better...

The fast-approaching Xperia pair might be under the radar for many, but tech sites across the board are tipping them as phone-of-the-year material. Here's just one reason why...

Sony's been talking up the battery life of its upcoming Xperia Z3 smartphone for quite a while now, and it seems there's actually some substance to the hype.

Phone Arena's actually put the Xperia Z3 battery to the test and, well, it's far and above the competition in terms of juice longevity.

"We are not going to mince words here - Sony is the current king of battery life when it comes to brand-name smartphones," explains the site.

The battery test was simple enough - set a uniform brightness and run a task script on it. The task script basically emulates normal daily usage.

The Sony Xperia Z3 managed an incredible 9 hours and 29 minutes. For perspective, the Apple iPhone 6 managed just short of 5-and-a-half hours.

What's more, the Z3 has a battery size of just 3100mAh, a downgrade from the Z2's 3200mAh.

This is especially interesting because second in line for the crown was the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 at 9 hours and 3 minutes - with a battery size of 4,100mAh.

'This is madness' - King Leonidas, speaking on the Sony Xperia Z3's battery life.

It's not even like the Z3 has skimped on specs, with the phone touting a 5.2-in 1080p screen, a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 CPU, 3 gigs of RAM, and a 20.7MP camera good for 4K video recording.

Excitingly, the Z3 Compact also shares mostly all the same specs, though with a smaller 4.6-in 720p screen.

Phone Arena's tests for the Compact - smaller, but by no means weaker like many of the current flagship 'mini' phones - showed off an absolutely unbelievable 14 hours and 44 minutes battery life.

"That would translate to roughly three days of normal usage on a charge, and is the best result of any brand-name handset out there," gushes the site.

As well as sweet specs, Sony's new handsets are set to exclusively offer PS4 remote play functionality, which will let you play your PS4 games on your handset via a connected DualShock 4 controller. Wave goodbye to productivity.

It's also completely waterproof, has reinforced drop protection corners, offers the world's first 12800 ISO on a smartphone, and also boasts DSEE HX audio upscaling.

While we're not sure the exact date of the Xperia Z3 & Z3 Compact release, Sony's website lists pre-order deliveries as set to begin starting 3rd October.

We'll take three.