Incredible Sony TV deals: Get a Sony OLED TV for just £899 – plus LED TVs up to 75 inches for under £1,000

The Sony Centre's A-grade refurbished section includes amazing TV deals from 43 to 75 inches, for nearly 50% off

Sony OLED TV deal
(Image credit: Sony)

If you're desperate for a TV upgrade as everyone starts to isolate themselves, then the Sony Centre has swung to the rescue here, because it's offering some truly astounding TV deals on OLED and LED sets of all sizes – we're talking up to £950 off the prices you'd pay at other stores.

Here are a few of the highlights:

The key thing to know is the TVs are all A-grade refurbished, meaning they were bought and then returned to Sony, but are in top condition. Some will be TVs that someone else changed their mind on and returned, some will have had a fault when new that's now been fixed.

Browse the full range of Sony Centre refurbished TVs here

Refurbished tech is a fantastic way to save money, and it's always good to make sure that tech that works perfectly well doesn't get wasted. The TVs all come with a one-year warranty.

Our top picks of the available TVs are the two OLED sets – the 55-inch and 65-inch versions of the A8G. 

Sony KD-55A8G OLED TV (refurbished) | Was £1,499 | Now £899 at Sony Centre UK
This was released just in 2019, with mind-blowing image quality and some other extremely clever tech, including Acoustic Surface Audio tech, which basically means you don't really need to add a soundbar, because the entire front of the TV is a speaker. Nowadays, the A8G can generally be found for around £1,499 in stores, and at that price we'd tell you to go and get an LG C9, which offers slightly better connectivity (though worse speakers) for £1,299. But that obviously changes when you can get the A8G for £899! This is just an incredible bargain.View Deal

Sony KD-65AG8 OLED TV (refurbished) | Was £2,199 | Now £1,249 at Sony Centre UK
Same great deal as above, but at the bigger size. Seeing a 65-inch OLED of any kind of under £1,500 is rarer than hen's teeth – to find one for £250(!) lower is astounding.View Deal

The LED models are also excellent, though, and packed with the latest tech, including some of the best motion handling and upscaling processing in the business, plus lots of smart services, including Google and Alexa control.

Sony KD-75XG8505 LED TV (refurbished) | Was £1,599 | Now £999 at Sony Centre UK
This Edge-lit LED screen is bright, colourful and rich, and at 75 inches, makes for a hell of a living room movie screen. The X1 processor makes HD video look great at 4K, even at this giant size, and there's a big range of catch-up and streaming services.View Deal

Sony KD-65XG8196 LED TV (refurbished) | Was £899 | Now £599 at Sony Centre UK
It's hard to find really knock-out 65-inch TVs at this price at all, let alone with Sony's upscaling and image handling prowess, and its great, colourful panel tech. There's a real focus on sound engineering, too, so everything sounds bigger and wider.View Deal

Sony KD-49XG8396 LED TV (refurbished) | Was £699 | Now £399 at Sony Centre UK
This sweet spot TV size comes at supremely affordable price. You'll get lush HDR pictures (though it doesn't have Dolby Vision support that some higher-end sets have), and the same fantastic upscaling and motion handling you see elsewhere, plus again comprehensive streaming services support.View Deal

Sony KD-43XG8096 LED TV (refurbished) | Was £529 | Now £289 at Sony Centre UK
The smallest TV available at the Sony Centre comes with a near impulse-buy price tag, yet still great 4K HDR mid-range credentials, and a broad suite of smart services.View Deal

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