Sony PS5 could launch alongside a PlayStation HOLOGRAPHIC display

This is seriously cool

PS5 PlayStation 5
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Sony is apparently working on an accessory for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) that will bring multiplayer games to life in the form of a 3D hologram that hovers in mid-air.

Through the use of intricate eye-tracking, a light emitter reflects several light rays into each retina to create a visual that's seemingly floating in the middle of the room.

At least, that's according to a recent patent filing that documents the ins and outs of the holographic system, which should be available as an optional add-on.

It's also believed to be compatible with the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One X.

The tracking is said to be so precise that it can respond to movement in a mere matter of milliseconds, repositioning the render in line with your field of view.

This eliminates the need to wear dedicated glasses.

Plus, there's face recognition built in for detecting whether a second person is looking at the screen. If there is, it will project a 3D render directly at their eyes, too.

(Image credit: Let'sGoDigital)

Sony explores many different potential use cases, in one instance stating that the hardware can be used to show a 3D image to one user and a 2D visual to the other.

The documentation hints that the 2D visual is displayed on a flat background in front of the user, so as to create the illusion they're in a movie theatre, in total immersion.

(Image credit: Let'sGoDigital)

There's even word of the tool being used for VR.

Despite having the capacity to recognise basic gestures, like a nod and a wave, the patent notes that a traditional DualShock Controller is still needed to play titles.

Sony has been working on bringing holograms to the mainstream for decades. Notably, at the Digital Content Expo in Tokyo, Japan in 2009 it showcased its first holographic display prototype – and it's just as impressive a decade later.

The fact of the matter is, we don't know if this accessory will ever make its way to the market; Sony files thousands of patents and only a handful of them ever do.

But it's still nice to know it's in development.

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