Sonos Roam is expected to launch in new colors this week

An email from Sonos has teased something colorful is coming but the details reveal all

Sonos Roam teaser
(Image credit: Sonos)

Sonos is seemingly preparing for a big summer. First we heard rumors of a new Sonos voice assistant and today it sent a teaser email to its subscribers saying that 'something colorful is coming'. 

The email might have been vague about what exactly was coming but the marketing team may have let the cat out of the bag with the links and image names. Some users reported that their link included the words 'roamcolors_teaser_owners' in the URL, while the image as seen above was handily titled 'Roam_colors_launch.'

So it seems that the big surprise is that the Sonos Roam portable speaker is about to be released in a range of new colors. Three colors to be precise if Music World has the details correct. 

Sonos Roam color

(Image credit: Music World)

The Verge confirmed that Reddit users spotted the olive, light blue, and red versions on the Chilean retailer site. According to the email that I also received, the new products will be available as an early access to subscribers from midday CST (6pm UK) Wednesday, May 11. 

The colors do look great and are much more appealing than the current black or white choices. As we said in our Sonos Roam review, the Roam is an excellent option with great overall sound. As long as they don't cost more, I'd definitely pick the light blue option. 

Sonos Roam email

The countdown on the Sonos email is for midday (CST) Wednesday, May 11. 

(Image credit: Future)
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