SNES Classic Mini back in stock just in time to fill your Christmas stocking

Beat the scalpers with this tasty pre-Xmas restock

We loved the SNES Classis Mini when it was released earlier this year. Unfortunately, just as Nintendo had managed to mess up the stock of the NES Classic Mini the year before, it did so again, leaving a lot of gamers incredibly pissed off - especially as scalpers then proceeded to price-up unwanted, unplayed units dramatically.

Since then the console has been restocked a few times, however, it has always proceeded to sell out almost immediately, leaving many who want to pick up the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System still short. Thankfully, Amazon has pulled its finger out and got more of the system in stock prior to Christmas, meaning that for a - no-doubt - limited time you can pick up the system at RRP and have it tucked in your Xmas stocking for the big day.

You can view the in-stock SNES Classic Mini right here.

We've got to be honest - we think this is your last chance to pick up the SNES Classic Mini before Christmas for its RRP. There are plenty of systems available on eBay and through other sellers, however, all of those demand a marked up financial outlay on the buyer's part in order to acquire them. And, while we really love the SNES Classic Mini, we don't think you should be spending double its RRP really.

So if you've been ducking the scalpers so far, crossing your fingers for a sensibly priced restock then, you know, get a move on and go pick one up now.

Robert Jones

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