Smarty's £16 p/m unlimited data, no contract, Black Friday SIM only deal is a steal

This Black Friday SIM only deal from Smarty delivers unlimited everything, contract free, for just £16 per month

Smarty Black Friday SIM only deal
(Image credit: Smarty Mobile)

T3 sees a lot of SIM plans come and go throughout the year, as we track the best SIM only deals.

And now among the best Black Friday deals we've seen is this excellent SIMO offer from Smarty, which delivers unlimited data, calls and texts for £16 per month.

What makes the Smarty Black Friday deal even better, though, is that it comes completely contract free, just rolling over every month. This means that its owner can cancel at any time.

View the unlimited data, calls and texts Smarty Black Friday SIM only deal (opens in new tab)

However, with unlimited data to burn each month, as well as unlimited minutes and texts for such a low cost, we don't really see this deal being bested for a long time.

The full details of the Smarty Black Friday SIM only deal can be viewed below:

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Unlimited everything SIM only plan: £16 per month at Smarty (opens in new tab)
Unlimited data, calls and texts for £16 per month is a great SIM only deal, but then when you throw in the fact that it is also completely contract free and you're in SIM only deal heaven. Available now from Smarty with free delivery also included.

The only caveat we would say there is with this deal is that the data delivered by Smarty is not 5G. This obviously isn't a problem if you don't have a 5G phone or don't live in an area with 5G coverage, but if you do have one or both of those things then you may want to consider if you feel you need 5G data speeds or not before ringing this deal up.

If you do feel you need 5G data speeds then there are a few other great SIM only deals on the market to consider. Three and EE both have some really competitive offers available, with EE delivering the fastest network speeds in the country and Three offering unlimited 5G data. Check out the deals below:

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SIM only plan from EE | 150GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | 24-month contract | £20 per month (opens in new tab)
EE delivers the fastest network speeds in the UK, and here you can bag 150GB of 5G data, as well as unlimited calls and texts, for just £20 per month. Unlike the Smarty deal above, though, this deal requires a 24-month fixed contract.

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SIM only plan from Three | Unlimited calls, texts and data | 12-month contract | £16 per month (opens in new tab)
If you think 24 months is a bit long to be tied to a SIM plan contract then take a look at this 5G data plan from Three. It comes on a 12-month plan instead, while offering the same unlimited data, calls and texts. £16 per month is also just as cheap as the Smarty deal above, so if you want 5G data and don't mind the 12-month contract, this could be the better deal for you.

For even more great SIM only deals be sure to check out T3's authoritative SIMO deals comparison chart below, which lists the very best offers currently available in the UK. What's so good about the chart is that is allows you to filter by a myriad of different things depending on what is most important to you, including contract length, monthly price, data allowance, texts allowance, calls allowance, network, product name and more.

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