Sky Q voice-control remote is now free – here's how to claim yours

Sky VIP users can bag a free voice-control remote for those movie marathons

Sky Q
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Sky Q is a mainstay of our lockdown box-set binges. Now, as it continues its rapid expansion, the telecommunications giant is offering Sky VIP customers the chance to grab a free Sky Q remote control. 

It's been ramping up its offering of recent times: affording users voice-activated TV recommendations and leading the charge with hefty annual updates. Sky Q has been busy on the content side, too: Disney Plus has blazed into 2021 with stacks of new content, adding Star to its roster, and presenting a cargo-load of extra visual treats for Sky Q customers. 

Of course, to be the master of your own TV viewing experience, you must have a capable remote: some electrical wand to navigate through all this mesmerizing content. Well, the good news is: Sky Q has heard, considered, and replied with a remote control freebie.

The control, which usually costs $34 / £24.99 / AU$45, is Sky Q's centerpiece accessory, amplifying your viewing experience, and is currently available for free to Sky VIP users who have a Sky Q box connected to broadband, but no remote. 

A remote can make or break your evening's entertainment; it's an issue often reported with Apple TV, which had a clunky remote that made it easy to misclick. Something that is a real nuisance when in-situ on the couch. 

The Sky Q remote's recently boosted voice-control functionality doesn’t just let you cycle through a variety of channels with your vocal utterances, but it gives personalized recommendations based on what you like to watch. If you’re endlessly scouring the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime during the lockdown, it cuts out the hassle of choosing something. Of course, all the better if this comes free.

With lockdown fatigue well and truly bedded in, the good news is that users can claim one free remote per Sky VIP household, in the UK and Republic of Ireland. This offer ends March 31 of this year. 

Claiming your Sky Q remote control

If you're a Sky VIP customer without the remote already, head over to the My Sky app. You can download this from the Apple App Store or Google Play if you don't already have it pre-installed.

Open the Sky VIP tab in the bottom right corner. Once here, click on the Exclusive Free Voice Remote token and hit 'Redeem Now'. Once the terms and conditions are accepted, you can confirm the order and, all being well, the remote should be despatched.

Sky Q offers a veritable selection of features, even including its own lockdown-conquering workout app in Fiit, which is a great way to work out and stay warm in the colder months. 

T3’s pick of the best Sky TV deals is an excellent rundown of what’s on offer this month if you're in the market to expand your streaming options. In the terms and conditions, Sky does say that delivery could take up to three months, so actually receiving the remote may take longer than you would hope.

Either way, a free remote is a great chance to supplement your Sky Q experience and certainly one that is little to no hassle to procure. At T3, we're huge fans of Sky Q and anything that allows us to increase our enjoyment of its platform is an essential – especially when it's free! 

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