Sky Q’s brilliant Apple Fitness+ killing app is free to try now

Obliterate lockdown with Sky Q's Fiit app by transforming your home workout routine

Sky Q Fiit
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With the public now well and truly wedded to lockdown until at least spring, it’s a good time to rediscover Fiit app‘s treasure trove of workout routines on Sky Q.  

Buried away in the settings, Fiit is a nifty TV app for conquering home workouts. It also means you can stay cosy indoors with temperatures dropping well below freezing.

Sky Q's Fiit app launched late last year to help people get active; it also cauterized those dreaded lockdown dips for fitness junkies. It’s a really difficult time for everyone at the moment, but Fiit helps users train harder and smarter in line with busy schedules. Pair it up with one of the gizmos from our best fitness trackers, and you've got an inexpensive way to conquer your New Year's fitness resolution. 

Sky Q's Fitt offers 12 free classes to all Sky Q customers, while Sky VIP customers can try the full Fiit experience for free for 30-days. After that, subscribers can opt for monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions at £20 / £45 / £120, respectively. Customers who opt for an annual membership will get 40% off an annual plan, plus 30 days free via Sky VIP.

You can break a sweat from home through a medley of workouts: yoga, pilates, and a choice of over 600 on-demand classes. By filtering your class by studio – Strength, Cardio, and Rebalance – you can tailor the workouts to your heart’s content.

There's also a handy option to screen by trainer, too: Corinne Naomi, Gede Foster, and, Gus Vaz Tostes, are among 35 of Fiit’s exercise gurus who’ll put you through your paces with their individual blends of HIIT. If that isn’t enough, you’ll soon be able to sign up to Fiit’s range of training plans; it looks likely that the two, four, or six-week plans will promote well-being goals based on your skill level.

Sky Q's Fiit is user-friendly and easily accessible through the Sky Q box or the Sky Q Mini box’s main menu. Alternatively, you can launch the app with voice commands through Sky Q’s voice remote: 'launch Fiit', or saying 'fitness', will trigger the fitness destination. 

Fraser Stirling, Sky’s Group Chief Product Officer, added: “This is just the first fitness experience to come to the platform, reflecting how important Sky Q is to home life.” Perhaps we’ll see more in the coming months, as lockdown continues. Staying active at home is a great way to boost well-being; it's also a chance to get inventive by using T3's best multi-gym guide to pick a perfect assortment of pulleys and levers to sculpt those muscles. 

It's worth opting into Sky Q's Fiit if you fancy the challenge. For native Sky users, it'll offer a familiar interface to the sea of fitness apps, covered regularly at T3. It's a great chance to use lockdown to get fit and unlock those lovely endorphins in the colder months. 

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