Sky prepares for 1080p Apple iPad HD / iPad 3 apps

Ahead of tonight's expected Apple announcement, Sky has spoken on its iPad app plans

With just hours to go until the iPad HD / iPad 3 event, Sky has revealed it plans to support the expected 1080p Retina display of the third-gen tablet

Ahead of tonight's Apple iPad 3 come iPad HD release announcement, broadcasting giant Sky has suggested it is working to prepare its applications for the expected introduction of a high-definition Retina display.

One of the most hotly anticipated introductions lined up for the third-generation Apple tablet, the iPhone 4S eclipsing Full HD display is to offer the possibility of 1080p content playback with Sky confirming that if introduced, it will look to upscale its app output to make us of the HD potential.

Speaking with T3, David Gibbs, Director of Sky Sports Digital Media revealed that “If the capabilities of the iPad change, we will make sure that our experience changes with it.”

Speaking ahead of the company's newly acquired F1 coverage launch on the Sky Sports application, Gibbs added: “We obviously don't know what Apple is going to announce. We have a hard launch date for the start of the season and the app is in submission at the moment so that is the app that will launch.”

Whilst the inclusion of a HD Retina display will improve content output, Gibbs has suggested the availability of 1080p streaming will not detract from the company's intentions of the F1 iPad coverage being a complementary service.

“The best experience will still be on the main TV,” the Sky Sports director suggested. “This service is complementary to that.”

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