Sky Mobile now lets you share your rolled over data with whoever you want – here's how

Sky Mobile customers who have been using less data since lockdown can now put their Sky Piggybank to good use

Sky Mobile
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Sky Mobile customers who've been rolling over unused data for the last few months can finally put it to good use, by sharing it with friends and family, or exchanging it for various rewards as a treat.

Sky Mobile customers can roll over data, that can be kept for up to three years; the network says that since lockdown, customers have found themselves rolling over more data than usual – although we're sure the WiFi has been feeling the strain! Adapting to the changes in how customers use have been using their data during the course of lockdown is great, and will come in handy over the coming months.

If you've got more data than you know what to do with, you can add up to seven extra SIMs to your account and share it around as you see fit. Customers have been rolling over a whopping 69GB on average, so you might have be sitting on quite the stash. You could also use it to lighten the load on the WiFi if you're working from home, or you have students who are remote learning. 

Alternatively, you can choose to treat yourself by trading in excess data for rewards, including discounts on a new handset, or mobile accessories.

The offer is available to claim until February 25, and the new SIM will be free for 12 months; after that it'll cost £5 per month, or you can straight up cancel it if you don't want to carry on with it. Bear in mind that you'll have to get the SIM card to the people you want to share it with, as Sky Mobile will send it to the account holder's address. You can add a free SIM to your basket here

If you've got data going spare, and want to start spreading it around, just navigate to the 'Mobile' tab in your My Sky app, choose the SIM card you want to transfer some data over to, and enter how much you'd like to share.  

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