Sizzling Vodafone SIM-only deal has all the 4G data you’ll need for just £10 per month

A cheap SIM only deal with a good data allowance? Oh yeah!

SIM only deals Vodafone deal

This sweet SIM only deal from Vodafone delivers exactly what you want from your network supplier, with a fat 8GB of data delivered each month on top of unlimited minutes and texts.

The fact it does so for just £10 per month, though, makes this a perfect partner for a handset that is now out of contract, allowing you to jump down to a much lower price point each month, or along with a new handset bought off-contract.

You can check out the deal in full below:

Vodafone SIM | 8GB data | Unlimited mins and texts | £10 pm
Yes, this SIM only deal from Vodafone really is as good as it looks, with the network supplying unlimited minutes and texts, as well as big 8GB chunk of data allowance, for just £10 per month over a 12-month period. Free shipping is also included.View Deal

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