Simba launches its first ever spring-only mattress collection

Simba’s new Earth collection is natural, eco-friendly and full of spring support

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Simba has announced the launch of its new mattress collection: Earth. Composed of three mattresses, the Earth range is made of natural and sustainable materials, including hemp, flax and wool.

Aside from its eco-friendly credentials, the new Source, Escape and Apex mattresses are the first spring-only mattresses from Simba. The springs are engineered with new QuadCore technology for better motion isolation and tailored support.

UK mattress manufacturer Simba has just launched a new mattress collection that marks the first time the brand has ever created spring-only mattresses. The new Earth range is made up of three different mattresses, all of which use natural and eco-friendly materials, and the latest Simba technology for the ultimate support and comfort.

As one of the best mattress brands on the market, Simba is most commonly known for its hybrid mattresses, featuring a mixture of foam and spring materials. But its new Earth collection takes a step away from this award-winning construction and instead, is all about the springs.

When it comes to picking the right material for your mattress, the popularity of hybrid and memory foam mattresses has surged and left spring mattresses behind. But the new Earth range is bringing spring-only mattresses back, thanks to its use of Simba’s new QuadCore and AeroCoil spring technologies.

The three mattresses in the Simba Earth range – Source, Escape and Apex – feature different layers of springs and natural materials. The QuadCore spring base is made of groups of four AeroCoil springs at a time to stop the ‘rippling effect’ for better motion isolation.

With most traditional spring mattresses, the springs are connected in rows in large groups, so when one spring moves or compresses, the other springs do too. This new QuadCore construction stops this from happening, and allows for more airflow and breathability so you don’t get too hot at night.

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Each Simba Earth mattress features multiple layers of springs that are welded together sonically so the coils can move individually. With sustainability in mind, the Earth range doesn’t use any glue or foam, and the top covers are made of natural materials, like hemp, flax and wool.

The entry-level mattress from the Earth collection is Earth Source. Made of six layers, Source has a 25cm depth, 3,250 springs, a Yorkshire hemp and flax cover, and starts at £999. Next is Earth Escape which has seven layers, 28cm depth, 4,250 springs and a Yorkshire Hemp and British Wool cover. Prices for this mid-range mattress starts at £1,399.

The most luxurious mattress from the Earth range is the Earth Apex. Starting at £2,199, the Apex mattress has eight layers, 5,750 springs, 30cm depth and a top layer of silk, cashmere and Mohair. All mattresses from the Earth range are 100% recyclable and have been consciously designed “with a view to making the whole disassembling and recycling process simpler”, according to Emma Reid, Simba’s Director of Sustainability.

The new Simba Earth collection is available to buy now at Simba. Not sure what mattress material you need? Make sure to check out our memory foam vs springs vs hybrid vs latex comparison guide for more details.

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