This phenomenal SIM only deal gets you 12GB of data for only £10 a month

Boost your tariff with Voxi's double data offer and snatch up one affordable SIM only deal now

Voxi SIM only deals
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Found the perfect match with your handset and now just need a SIM only deal to seal the deal? Coincidentally, we have the deal for you with this flexible Voxi package that gives you double the data for your money.

Usually £10 a month for 6GB of data, pay the same but get a whole 12GB of data to blitz through every month. Sitting alongside unlimited minutes and texts, you can also make your data stretch that bit further with unlimited use of social network apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram with no detriment to your monthly allowance.

To add to what is already a fantastic tariff, Voxi is all about offering its customers flexibility, too. With this tariff, you won't be locked into 24 months or even 12 months of the same old, same old. Cancel anytime with this tariff, and change it up when you need more or less from your monthly allowance.

Better still, powered by Vodafone, you can expect to benefit from its extensive coverage across the UK, including 5G connectivity.


VOXI SIM:  Flexible Plan| 6GB 12GB data | Endless social media | Endless roaming | Unlimited texts and calls | £10/month from Voxi
Get all the power of Vodafone behind your SIM only plan with Voxi, and enjoy great flexibility, too. Not tied to a contract, you can cancel anytime, benefitting from double the data in this 12GB tariff. You can also use the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and Snapchat at no detriment to your monthly data allowance.

On top of double the data and unlimited use of select social media apps, Voxi also offers its customers Endless Roaming, allowing you to use your plan as normal wherever you are in Europe at no extra cost. All for £10 a month, make the most of this SIM only deal before it ends February 25.

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