Should I buy Delonghi Ecam23.460? Well, it is an awesome Bean to Cup Coffee Machine…

Enjoy the DeLonghi Latte Crema system for peanuts with this bargain best-selling bean to cup coffee machine

Delonghi Ecam23.460
(Image credit: DeLonghi)

The Delonghi Ecam23.460 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Silver & Black continues to be a huge hit with fans of fresh coffee. Better still though; you can currently get it with a Black Friday Price Now tag on it, which knocks a huge £350 off the usual £699 asking price at Currys. That’s a lot of cash, although there’s nothing to say it might not also appear with an even better price in the looming Black Friday deals blitz.

Still, if you crave good coffee and can't wait though we’d say pick up this model as it continues to enjoy high praise from all who savour its freshly ground bean offerings. Considering it’s a bean to cup machine the Delonghi Ecam23.460 is actually very low-maintenance. It’ll work with coffee beans or pre-ground coffee, plus you can set it up to serve coffee just how you like it via personalised settings. That means cups of cappuccino, café latte or latte macchiato are but a button press away.

The Delonghi Ecam23.460 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Silver & Black £349 | Was £699 | Save £350 at Currys 

The Delonghi Ecam23.460 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Silver & Black £349 | Was £699 | Save £350 at Currys 

If you enjoy good coffee then it’s always worth considering a machine that can produce a quality cup. And the best way to do that is to go down the bean to cup route, which results in fresh, strong cups of the black stuff. This hugely popular model features a beefy 15-bar pressure, a removable milk carafe and a generous tank capacity of 1.8 litres. It also boasts personalised coffee settings so you can tailor it to your own taste. The automatic cleaning program cuts down on day-to-day maintenance too.

3 reasons to buy the Delonghi Ecam23.460 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

•  DeLonghi's fab Latte Crema system

•  Dedicated milk carafe

•  Automatic cleaning

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