Should gamers buy Nintendo Switch OLED or Evercade VS?

T3 speaks directly to the makers of the Evercade VS to find out why it could be a better buy than Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch OLED Evercade VS
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Of the new video game consoles announced recently the Nintendo Switch OLED and Evercade VS have got the most attention here at But, which should you buy to tuck under your Christmas tree this winter holiday season?

That's what we're currently exploring, and to find out more about the Evercade VS we got in touch with its official spokesperson, Sean Clever, who made a case for why gamers should ring up the Evercade VS.

Naturally, as we're T3, we got straight down to the most important question...

Should retro gamers buy a Nintendo Switch OLED or an Evercade?

"I mean, of course I’m going to say an Evercade! In all seriousness, the Switch is an incredible machine but I do imagine many readers by this point will have already got one or a version of one for their kids. It’s a great way to play some of the greatest games of the present.

"But the Evercade is much more of a window into the past, into re-living your own memories and helping those younger understand them. Evercade allows you to help remember your own nostalgia and with the physical nature of it, feels much more of a natural retro device. It’s also much less expensive too."

The cart collection for the Evercade consoles continues to grow, with plenty of classic publishers now onboard. How hard is it to strike these deals and are there more lined up for 2022 and beyond?

"Sometimes it is relatively easy, as we are dealing with people that have licensed their properties for years. Sometimes it's harder when you need to deal with international rights holders and tracking down those who own the licenses. But it’s never dull. It’s an incredibly exciting process.

"Which means that there are already some lined up for 2022 - one already announced with the Renovation Collection 1 - and many more that we’re working on. As we go on though we aim to bring many more classic publishers on board and we’re in a good position to do that."

Have you got any plans to release Evercade cartridge bundles?

"We already have some bundled with hardware in bundle packs with an exclusive retail partner, Funstock. And our starter/premium packs always come with a cartridge bundle. But yes, we are looking at smaller bundles of 4-5 cartridges that are around a specific publisher or a theme rather than just Carts number 1-4. So people can begin their collections in nice packages."

The Evercade VS Founders Edition sold out entirely (we bought one here at!). Have you plans to release any more special edition Evercade consoles, either for the handheld system or the VS?

"Congratulations on getting one! They are going to be a great collectable for sure. We’re always looking at new options of course, as we’re very aware that the collectors within retro gaming enjoy having those options in something new. You could see more exclusive handhelds in the future. You might even get game specific limited editions as well. At present, there’s more focus on bundled packs to make it easier for people to get involved with Evercade."

What’s the official Evercade position on emulation?

"Emulation is great - as long as you get it right and you do it legally. The community of people keeping old hardware alive is incredible, and I’m one of them myself. But technology changes and in the day-to-day world, it’s not a practical or inexpensive thing to do. 

"Emulation is one of the answers to keep the games and the experience alive, but the last 20 years of illegal availability and the immediacy of the Internet has the potential to give people a fast and loose experience, which is not what the games themselves deserve. We believe if you have the best emulation possible, which we feel we do, and you have the games and tools legally licensed and contributing back to the games industry economy, then you’re delivering as close as you can to an original experience. The Evercade VS will certainly give that 'sat at home in front of the TV' feel and that’s probably one of the key things that emulation normally misses - the experience."

Can we expect any accessories released for the Evercade VS?

"Indeed you can. We’ve already got Evercade wireless controllers on the horizon for 2022 and we’re always looking at expanding the control options. Many of our games come from the era of paddles, joysticks and trackballs so don’t be surprised if you see some of them come in the future."

To pre-order your own Evercade VS and browse the vast library of games available head on over to Evercade's official website. Or to learn more about the Evercade VS then watch its official launch trailer below:

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