Segway’s new robot lawn mower has upgraded mapping, better vision and obstacle avoidance

Segway launches new Navimow i Series that’s precise, AI-driven and wire-free

A front shot of the Segway Navimow i Series mowing the lawn
(Image credit: Segway)

Announced last week at CES 2024, Segway is expanding its popular Navimow robot lawn mower line with the new Navimow i Series. The upcoming Segway Navimow i Series expands on the popular existing H series with big improvements, including upgraded mapping, better vision and obstacle avoidance.

Anyone who has one of the best robot lawn mowers for their garden will know that despite their power and precision, even the top models can have some issues with obstacles. To avoid obstacles and prevent it from going over tough debris that could damage the device, the new Segway Navimow i Series has been upgraded with real-time kinematic positioning (RTK) and an Exact Fusion Locating System (EFLS) to improve its vision and accuracy.

Designed for smaller gardens, the Segway Navimow i Series uses RTK positioning and EFLS to better track the mower’s location. When the mower is going over the garden, it will rely on GPS to navigate itself around your outdoor space. If the mower can’t pick up a GPS signal or it goes underneath covered areas, the Segway Navimow i Series will use its vision system to detect and avoid objects.

Not only do these new technologies allow the Segway Navimow i Series to recognise and navigate the layout of your garden, but they help the mower respond in real-time to changes in the environment, like temporary obstacles. The Segway Navimow i Series can detect more than 20 different obstructions using its 140-degree field of vision and fish-eye camera. These obstacles include trees, branches, curbs, running children and animals, so it shouldn’t run over anything if you leave it out on your lawn.

Designed to perfectly and precisely mow your lawn every time, the Segway Navimow i Series works closely to your specifications and has mowing features like ‘Ride-on Boundary’ to tidy up the edges of your lawn precisely. Using the accompanying AI-powered app, the Segway Navimow i Series maps your garden so it automatically detects different areas of your lawn.

With assist mapping, you can update your map in the Navimow app to state clearer boundaries for the Segway Navimow i Series to work around. You can also draw maps for different sections of your garden, a helpful feature if you have a path or flower pots that break up your lawn. In addition to its mapping features, the app gives you the ability to customise your mowing schedule and cutting patterns. It also lets you check in on the Segway Navimow i Series while it’s in action, whether you’re at home or not.

Other notable features of the new robot lawn mower include a quiet noise output, IP66 waterproof certification and a colourful grey and orange design. The Segway Navimow i Series is expected to launch in early 2024, perfectly timed for this year’s spring / summer gardening season.

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