Samsung's The Frame is down to just £699 in this Black Friday deal

Samsung's unusual and innovative TV is a work of art – literally

samsung the frame qled tv
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's The Frame Art Mode TV isn't like other TVs. When you're not watching your favourite shows or movies, it transforms into a virtual art gallery that displays photos or artworks instead of sitting there like a big black monolith. In our Samsung The Frame review, we called it "a masterpiece".

Masterpieces don't come cheap, and until now The Frame was quite expensive. So I'm pleased to see John Lewis offering the 50-inch model for a bargain basement price in an excellent Black Friday deal.

Samsung 50" The Frame QLED Art Mode TV: was £849, now £699 at John Lewis

Samsung 50" The Frame QLED Art Mode TV: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">was £849, now £699 at John Lewis

The 50-inch model is the pick of the range: big enough for movie magic but not so large it dominates the room. The Frame is an impressive virtual gallery when it's idle, and it will look absolutely gorgeous on your wall.

This isn't a case of style over substance. When you use The Frame as a TV it delivers a crisp, clear and immersive 4K picture with excellent HDR (but not Dolby Vision, because it's a Samsung) and impressive upsampling. The One Connect box hides all your cables while offering lots of connectivity options, and Samsung's Dual LED Technology delivers rich colours and very impressive contrast.

This was a seriously expensive TV last year and one of our best TVs pick if money were no object, but this John Lewis deal makes it almost half price and twice as compelling as a result. I reckon this is a genuine Black Friday TV bargain.

Carrie Marshall

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