Samsung smart watch to be called Galaxy Gear

US trademark application reveals gadget's name ahead of its official unveiling

Samsung's smart watch will be called the Galaxy Gear and will be part of the company's existing Galaxy range.

The name of the smart watch was revealed in a new US patent filed by Samsung.

Little is known about the internals of Samsung's upcoming smart watch, but it is extremely likely to run on a heavily modified version of Android.

It is also rumoured that the Galaxy Gear will be officially announced on September 4th – just under one month from now.

According to the patent, the Galaxy Gear will offer access to the internet, allow calls to be made, emails to be read and it will also be able to send text messages.

Interestingly, it will not require a connection to your smartphone to do so. Whether or not that means you will need a separate data contract with the like of Everything Everywhere, O2, Vodafone or Three remains to be seen.

Unveiling the device on September 4th would give Samsung a head start and the ability to capture mind share from its rival Apple.

Apple is expected to officially unveil its own smart watch later this year.

The iPhone maker began registering the iWatch trademark earlier this year. It has applied in Russia and Japan. However, it has emerged that the trademark is already registered in the US and Europe.

You can read the full trademark application for the Samsung Galaxy Gear on the US Patents and Trademark Office's website.