Samsung prepping FOUR-camera Galaxy to show Huawei who is truly king of the cameras

October 11 Galaxy event promises "4X Fun", which sounds like almost too much enjoyment

Samsung Galaxy four cameras

Just when it seemed the smartphone camera wars could get no more intense, they now seem to be entering a new stage. Samsung is seemingly tooling up to announce a Galaxy handset with no fewer than FOUR rear cameras.

The first hint of this move came in the form of a tweet by Samsung insider Ice Universe, who has a solid track record of leaking information about upcoming Samsung phones. On September 2, Ice Universe simply tweeted "Samsung Camera Camera Camera Camera" following up with a second tweet confirming "All back".

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Now, assuming he/she/they weren't just drunk, that suggests a rear, quad-cam arrangement. Now a second piece of the puzzle falls into place as Samsung has scheduled an online event for 11 October which it is promoting with a graphic that says '4X Fun'.

"Samsung’s newest Galaxy device is bringing more ways to express yourself than ever before," Samsung writes on the event web page. "Capture the fun with Samsung as the company celebrates the launch of the new device with A Galaxy Event on October 11, 2018."

Samsung Galaxy: XXXX fun is promised

So it seems that Samsung is gearing up to fire a return volley at Huawei – which introduced the triple rear camera with its P20 Pro in April 2018 – by being the first company to stick four rear cameras in a phone. Either that or it is subtly swearing, or referencing a brand of Australian lager that was popular in the 90s.

Either way, we can't wait to see how Huawei responds!

The Galaxy event will be live streamed at (opens in new tab).

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