Samsung is coming for the iPad Pro, as Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra leaks

Samsung and Apple appear to be competing to see who can make the thinner cheese slicer

Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra leaked render
(Image credit: OnLeaks / X)
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 has leaked in new renders, which show a slightly changed design that's aiming for iPad Pro-level thinness. But M4 iPad Pro-style power may not be a priority for this model.

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra is going to resemble the M4 iPad Pro in one key respect – but sadly it might not be in the processor department. Newly leaked renders of Samsung's forthcoming high-end tablet indicate that as with the current model, it's going to be extremely thin.

That's not necessarily a good thing, as some commentators felt that the S9 Ultra was uncomfortable to hold. But it looks like thinness is one of the key areas where rival tablet makers are competing right now.

The new renders, as revealed by OnLeaks on X, have dimensions of 326.4 x 208.6 x 5.45mm. That's almost identical to the current Tab Ultra, which is 326.4 x 208.6 by 5.5mm. Half a millimetre might not seem like a lot, but the iPad Pro slimmed down from 5.9mm to 5.3mm and the difference feels dramatic when you hold it in your hands.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra: what we know so far

The new S10 Ultra is believed to have a very similar specification to the current model, so that's a 14.6 inch display that will once again make this the biggest Android tablet on the market and bigger than any of Apple's iPad Pros. The notch remains to make room for the front-facing camera, and there are four speakers inside, most likely AKG ones as per the current model.

It's still unclear what processor Samsung intends to use for its tablet: the contenders are reportedly the Snapdragon X Elite, which we're seeing in some of the latest Windows PCs, and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. 

Plumping for the Elite processor would give the Samsung tablet similar power to Apple's top iPad Pros, but Samsung may well decide that such power is unnecessary: as we reported a few days ago, Apple has its own high-end apps in the form of Logic Pro for iPad and Final Cut Pro for iPad but there aren't currently Android equivalents. Until such apps arrive, Samsung may decide to prioritise energy efficiency over a performance boost that most apps can't fully take advantage of.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra launch isn't imminent; the S9 Ultra was launched in August 2023, roughly 18 months after the previous generation. If Samsung is sticking to the same timeframe this time around then the S10 Ultra is likely to make its debut in early 2025.

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