Samsung Galaxy X to get 5G, but there's a massive catch

Unless you're a Korean you may not be able to enjoy folding and 5G

Samsung Galaxy X leak
(Image credit: Sam Mobile)

The Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone is expected to launch at the February 20 event and the good news is there should be a 5G model. The bad news is it may be for South Korea only.

According to sources of Sam Mobile, we can expect Samsung to launch a 5G version of the foldable Galaxy X for South Koreans. It doesn't look likely that the rest of the world will get a 5G variant, at least not at launch when a limited number of handsets are to be made. 

Since it's the CPU which needs to be 5G capable it seems likely that Samsung is going to use its own Exynos chipsets for the 5G super-powers. These usually don't ship to the US and may not ship to Europe either. Instead, the rest of the world will likely get Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU models. Although these could handle 5G also, they may not be integrated with Samsung systems yet. 

Or we could be grasping and really Samsung just doesn't want to risk them not being sold in other countries where the 5G network infrastructure will likely lag behind the super advanced South Korea.

Also reveal by the source is that we can expect the Galaxy X to come in varying colours of blue, green, silver and black. Pricing is expected to be the same for each, which should be well over the £1,000 mark.

Expect to hear everything revealed alongside the Galaxy S10 at Samsung's launch event on February 20. 

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