Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 steals two of the Apple Watch's most popular features

Samsungs upcoming wearing could feature ECG and fall detection

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Samsung smartwatch leaks have been coming thick and fast recently, first with the reported development name for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, then the leaked design of the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Now more details of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 have leaked online, showing two health-related features that are completely new for Samsung… but have featured on the Apple Watch before.

SamMobile has recently revealed that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will feature an ECG app, which will allow users to take an electrocardiogram without specialist equipment.

The app will record the wearer's heart rhythm, and will notify them of atrial fibrillation. This data can be shared with a physician to help diagnose possible conditions.

This potentially life-saving feature is one of the reasons we rank the Apple Watch Series 4 so highly, but we've always thought it was a shame that only Apple users could access the technology. If Samsung were able to offer similar functionality, then it would certainly be welcome news for Android users.

Of course, Samsung will be required to obtain FDA clearance for these features, so the ECG app could be missing at launch.

That's not the only Apple Watch feature that Samsung has 'borrowed' – the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also expected to include Fall Detection. 

Just like the Apple Watch Series 4, if the smartwatch detects a fall it will display an alert on the screen and vibrate to nudge the user. They can dismiss the notification or choose to contact emergency services. 

If the Galaxy Watch Active 2 doesn’t get a response it will automatically call emergency services and also send messages to the user’s emergency contacts.

As we've previously covered, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be available in both 40 and 44mm, feature a slight re-design, and come packing a cellular connection.

It seems the only thing we don't know is when the smartwatch will be announced.  It could arrive alongside the Galaxy Note 10 on the 7th of August, or it could follow a more traditional yearly release cycle, and arrive in February 2020.

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