Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 codename hints at Apple Watch slaying update

This could be the smartwatch Android users have been waiting for

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2
(Image credit: Future)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 rumours have started flying around the internet as we enter the second half of the year.

Last week, SamMobile revealed the development codename for Samsung's upcoming smartwatch, and, if you delve a little deeper, we think this codename could reveal a few clues about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.

SamMobile learned that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 is being developed under the codename “Renaissance”.

As TechRadar pointed out, this is fitting given the 'Da Vinci' codename for the Galaxy Note 10.

Of course, Renaissance was also a period of rebirth, revival and enlightenment, which suggests a big update could be coming to Samsung's flagship smartwatch, rather than a simple spec bump and software update.

How this update will take shape is currently unknown however, as there are no leaks or renders of the new design.

Samsung's most recent smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch Active was a massive departure from the original Galaxy Watch, with a completely smooth, futuristic design and bezel-less display. Maybe Samsung will take the flagship Galaxy Watch lineup in a similar direction?

It looks like we won't have long to find out, with rumours suggesting Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Watch 2 at an event on 7th August.

Stay tuned to for more updates.