Here's why I think the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is better than the Apple Watch

Galaxy Watch 5 beats the Apple Watch in this one key area

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro have just been unveiled at Unpacked 2022, and they already look like the best rivals to the Apple Watch we've ever seen.

The Galaxy Watch 5 offers a modern and minimalist design and comes with all-new colour options. It's a more traditional take on a smartwatch – designed to be worn every day and blend seamlessly into your life.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is for adventure seekers looking for durability and performance. It has a large 45mm display and is made from titanium.

As well as focusing on health and wellness, with new features that promise to be even more powerful than before, Samsung has done something that will no doubt make Apple Watch owners envious… but more on that later.

Health and fitness

First, let's take a look at the new sensors which aim to provide you with more accurate and in-depth health tracking. Something which tech brands are always keen to shout about.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is equipped with Samsung’s BioActive Sensor that uses a single unique chip to combine three powerful health sensors – Optical Heart Rate, Electrical Heart Signal and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.

These will deliver extensive readings that include heart rates, blood oxygen levels, and even stress levels. In addition, you'll even be able to monitor your blood pressure and ECG. Samsung hopes this will give you a deeper understanding of your heart health.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

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In terms of accuracy, Samsung has increased the surface area of the sensor so more of it is in direct contact with your wrist.

The temperature sensor uses infrared technology for more accurate readings, even if the temperature of your surroundings changes. This feature is rumoured in the Apple Watch Series 8 and while interesting, Samsung fails to list any specific benefits this new sensor has, just that it, "promises to open new possibilities for developers to expand their health and wellness options and for users to take advantage of all-new experiences."

The Galaxy Watch 5 will allow you to understand your sleep patterns through Sleep Scores that monitor stages of sleep, along with snore detection and blood oxygen levels. The goal here is to achieve improved sleep habits with Sleep Coaching that gives a tailored month-long guided programme.

In terms of fitness, the Galaxy Watch 5 now offers a comprehensive experience that goes beyond fitness activities and into the post-workout, rest, and recovery process. 

The Body Composition measurement tool provides a snapshot of your overall health and will try to provide you with a tailored approach to set goals, guide you through personalised workouts, and track progress.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

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Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Surprise! Samsung has created a rugged version of its smartwatch designed for people whose idea of a holiday is climbing up a mountain with a tent strapped to their back, and, funnily enough, it's rumoured that Apple is going to do exactly the same thing with an 'Apple Watch 8 Pro' model.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be your trusty companion for a number of outdoor pursuits, from hiking to cycling and beyond.

It features an enhanced Sapphire Crystal that’s even harder and a titanium casing that’s five times more durable. That case even protects the display with a protruded bezel design. 

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has the largest battery ever put inside a Galaxy Watch. It’s 60% larger than Galaxy Watch 4. It promises 80 hours (3.3 days), or 20 hours of continuous GPS usage, on a single charge.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

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Galaxy Watch 5 price and availability

The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are available for pre-order from 10th August and will be on-sale from 26th August.

For the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, prices start at £269/AU$499 for the 40mm Bluetooth model and rise to £339/AU$649 for the 44mm LTE model.

The  Galaxy Watch5 Pro is a little more expensive, with prices starting at £429/AU$799 for the Bluetooth model and £479/AU$849 for the LTE model.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

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Is it better than the Apple Watch?

Samsung has included a temperature sensor in its smartwatch and released a rugged outdoorsy version as well, two things Apple are rumoured to do with the Apple Watch 8 but hasn't done yet.

The focus on long battery life is important as well, and the promised three-day battery life will no doubt make Apple Watch users envious.

Does that make the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 the best smartwatch around? I'll reserve judgement until I've had a chance to review it, what is clear, however, is that Android users finally have a credible Apple Watch rival – I can't wait until the Google Pixel Watch joins the contest as well!

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