Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 will take from the Apple Watch Series 5 playbook

A sexy new material is on the horizon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 will take from the Apple Watch Series 5 playbook
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It appears that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 is finally in the works, a successor to the Apple Watch's first true rival and the first smartwatch that brought us a physical rotating bezel.

Now, we have the first exciting details about the smartwatch, including a design decision which is borrowed directly from the Apple Watch Series 5.

SamMobile have recently discovered that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 will be offered in titanium, just like Apple's popular smartwatch.

It's currently unclear whether all models of the Galaxy Watch will be made from titanium, or whether this will be a premium option alongside the more traditional aluminium and steel.

It's lightweight, durable, and looks great, making it perfect for smartwatches that are also used to track sports and workouts.

Of course, titanium isn't a new material for watches, and Apple certainly wasn't the first brand to use it, but only now smartwatch makers are starting to discover this wonder metal.

The new Galaxy Watch is currently under development with the model numbers SM-R840 and SM-R850, which refer to the two different sizes that it will be offered in.

It's rumoured that the smartwatch will include 8GB of internal storage, a larger 330mAh battery, and Wi-Fi and LTE variants.

Very little else is known about Samsung's next smartwatch. It may be branded as a sequel to the Galaxy Watch, an addition to the very popular Galaxy Watch Active range, or, in typical Samsung fashion, re-branded something completely different.

One thing's clear, however, and that's that the titanium Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 will command a more premium price tag, just like the titanium Apple Watch Series 5.

Are you excited about a new Samsung smartwatch? Would you pay more for the titanium version? We can't wait to find out more about Samsung's upcoming smartwatch.

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