Samsung Galaxy S4 will ‘surprise and delight’ on March 14, says leading analyst

Launch will wow us, but it won’t be down to processor speed or screen size

IDC's mobile expert Ramon Llamas tells T3 to expect big things from Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S4 launch event on March 14

A leading mobile phone expert has told T3 that Samsung has a few surprises up its sleeve for the Galaxy S4 handset launch on March 14.

Ramon Llamas, the lead mobile researcher at IDC says the Galaxy S4 launch will 'surprise and delight' the smartphone loving public, but this time it won't be down to the device's super-fast processor, screen size or the implementation of Android.

Llamas, says the specs race is all-but-over and impressing the next generation of smartphone fans is all about what additional features manufacturers can bring to the table.

He told T3: “I think Samsung will surprise and delight people come March 14.”

“For me it's not going to be the specs that surprise. The fact that you have a brilliant five-inch screen, the fact that you have LTE, and the latest version of Android is not big news anymore. Everyone does that.”

“It's about what are you going to do on top of that. What innovation will we see? What are they going to do on top of Android?”

“It is already is popularising multi screen usage on your device. There are no other smartphones that are doing that. That gets your smartphone to be that much more like a computer. What's next?”

Llamas predicts Samsung will integrate new software features that will make better use of the camera sensor, beyond taking pictures, and expects S-Voice to improve exponentially in the latest generation device.

But in an era where every ounce of rumour and speculation is given credence, is it possible for mobile manufacturers to surprise us?

Recent Apple launches have underwhelmed, perhaps due to the level of expectation and the publication of every possible eventuality. Can Samsung still wow attendees and fans at its big NYC reveal? It is under pressure to do so, Llamas says.

“There's a very select few companies that you don't underestimate. Apple is one, Samsung is clearly another,” he added.

“Take a look at the track record. They didn't announce the Galaxy S4 at CES – the so-called Super Bowl of Technology. They said “no” to MWC and said “we're going to have our own event.”

“You don't have your own event for the sake of it. You're doing it to have that time all to yourself and get everyone's attention.

“If they're going to continue with 'The Next Big Thing Is Here' campaign, that puts pressure on you to make sure you are actually delivering the next big thing. It can't be incremental updates and bigger screen size. It has to be more than that.”

How do you think Samsung can surprise us at the Unpacked event on March 14? Let us know in the comments section below. Meanwhile you can keep track of all the latest Galaxy S4 rumours and reports ahead of the launch right here.

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