Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus looks set to stay – and I'm glad

Plus-sized phones offer a great middle ground, so I'm happy to see this one stick around

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus review
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Research suggests that the majority of phone sales happen at either end of a model family. Either, users opt for the entry-level model, or for the most premium variant available. 

That doesn't mean there's nothing to be found in-between though. Popular range families – like the iPhone 14 or the Samsung Galaxy S23 – have middle models which offer a great hybrid. In those cases, the iPhone 14 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus offer base model spec sheets, with bigger displays.

Rumours had circulated about Samsung killing off the Plus variant. That was said to take place next time out in the Samsung Galaxy S24 range. But new evidence suggests this might not be the case.

The codename for the new Galaxy line has been leaked. The devices are dubbed "Muse". Interestingly, there are still three variants – Muse1, Muse2 and Muse3. That suggests that a Plus variant will still be present when those devices launch.

Okay, it's far from the most solid leak in existence, but it seems pretty likely. The alternative would be a new model at either end. If Samsung were set to make a change that drastic, it would almost certainly have been subject to some kind of leak.

I'm a big fan of this decision. While statistically they aren't as popular as other models, I think they offer a great option. With phones growing larger with every iteration, many have grown accustomed to a certain level of screen real estate.

If you opt for an entry-level device, though, you often wont get that. Those devices tend to have a smaller form factor. By offering a decent spec in a bigger format, without the costly upgrades that come on Pro models, users can get some of the best bits from both worlds.

The new Samsung phone line tends to launch early in the year. That would place a release date for these around the start of 2024. However, multiple reports have suggested that could move forward slightly this time out. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few months, then.

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