Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S22 range outright or on a plan in Australia

Buying from Amazon gets Aussie T3 readers an exclusive offer, plus there's plenty of bonuses valued at up to AU$536

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We've seen a number of leaks in the run-up to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S22 range that's taken away any element of surprise from the official announcement. Despite the spoilers, the latest Samsung flagships have arrived and all the models are available to pre-order direct from Samsung or from major retailers and Australia’s leading telcos (see below for more details). These pre-orders are all getting your new phone shipped as soon as possible following the release date on Feb 25

Wherever you end up pre-ordering the latest Samsung flagship, there are bonuses to be had, but the freebies will differ according to the model you choose. That said, we believe the best offer is on Amazon Australia, where T3 readers can score an exclusive AU$50 discount on all three models using the checkout code S22FUT.

Pre-ordering from Amazon will even get you a free Echo Show 8 in the package, along with a gift from Samsung unique to each model (available via redemption). These gifts come as a choice from a range of items including the Galaxy Buds 2.

Samsung S22 range pre-order on Amazon | save AU$50S22FUT

Samsung S22 range pre-order on Amazon | save AU$50
There's not a whole lot that's different between the S21 and the S22, but there are all-round performance improvements. Anyone keen on a stylus-toting phone will be thrilled with the S22 Ultra though. It brings all the improvements you can think of, including bigger battery, better processor and of course the S Pen. Use the code S22FUT to get AU$50 off the pre-order price of all three models in their various storage capacities and score some freebies too.

With your appetite whetted, here's how much the three models will cost you. 

The Samsung Galaxy S22 comes in with a starting price of AU$1,249 for the 128GB option. There's also a 256GB storage model that will set you back AU$1,349.

Taking it up a notch is the Galaxy S22 Plus that rings in at a base price of AU$1,549 for the 128GB model, while the 256GB edition is a touch more at AU$1,649.

Unlike the aforementioned two S22 models, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes in three different storage capacities – starting off at AU$1,849 for the 128GB option, AU$1,999 for 256GB and AU$2,149 if you need more storage at 512GB. 

As with all the previous Samsung flagships, they cost a fairly pretty penny, but the S22 range has the tech specs to back up the price, particularly the S22 Ultra. All three models get the Snapdragon chips in Australia.

While Amazon Australia might have the most tempting outright pre-order offer right now, below are the details on what you'll need to spend if you'd like to upgrade on a plan.

Telstra Samsung Galaxy S22 plans

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(Image credit: Telstra)

Telstra's plans for the S22 range start off at AU$55 a month that will get you 40GB of data. Depending on whether you prefer a 12-, 24- or 36-month plan, you'll be able to score a whole bunch of bonuses, no matter which model you pre-order.

What do you get when you pre-order any of the models from Telstra? You'll get a bonus Galaxy Tab A8 (valued at AU$529), 12 months Disney Plus from Telstra and a Samsung eVoucher to redeem for your choice of a travel, power or audio pack. Note that these bonuses are only available when you purchase the handset on a plan, not when you buy outright.

Click on the links below to pre-order from Telstra.

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Telstra S22 24 Month Pricing
SizeSmall (40GB)Medium (80GB)Large (120GB)XL (180GB)
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Telstra S22 Plus 24 Month Pricing
SizeSmall (40GB)Medium (80GB)Large (120GB)XL (180GB)
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Telstra S22 Ultra 24 Month Pricing
SizeSmall (40GB)Medium (80GB)Large (120GB)XL (180GB)

Optus Samsung Galaxy S22 plans

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(Image credit: Optus)

Optus isn't holding back on the freebies either. To shake up the competition, Optus is offering a free Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with every pre-order of the S22 range. You'll also be able to get a Samsung gift pack via redemption.

To make it even more enticing to sign up to an Optus plan, the telco has made its 24- and 36-month plans great value by offering 80GB of data on the AU$55 option. Check the details of Optus' plans in the tables below.

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Optus S22 24 Month Pricing
SizeSmall (20GB)Medium (80GB)Large (200GB)XL (240GB)Optus+ (500GB)
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Optus S22 Plus 24 Month Pricing
SizeSmall (20GB)Medium (80GB)Large (200GB)XL (240GB)Optus+ (500GB)
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Optus S22 Ultra 24 Month Pricing
SizeSmall (20GB)Medium (80GB)Large (200GB)XL (240GB)Optus+ (500GB)

Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S22 plans


(Image credit: Vodafone)

While Vodafone isn't offering a bagful of freebies, you can actually stack up some savings if you're able to trade in an eligible handset for an upgrade to the new one. 

Depending on the model of your older phone, not only will you get save with the trade-in value, Vodafone will also throw in bonus credit of AU$600 – there's up to AU$1,320 in savings to be had this way. Head to Vodafone for more details.

In addition, you also become eligible to redeem the gift packs from Samsung, depending on which model of the S22 range you choose.

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Samsung S22 24 Month Pricing
SizeLite (40GB)*Lite+ (80GB)Super (200GB)Super+ (300GB)Ultra+ (Unlimited
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Samsung S22+ 24 Month Pricing
SizeLite (40GB)*Lite+ (80GB)Super (200GB)Super+ (300GB)Ultra+ (Unlimited
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Samsung S22 Ultra 24 Month Pricing
SizeLite (40GB)*Lite+ (80GB)Super (200GB)Super+ (300GB)Ultra+ (Unlimited
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