Samsung Galaxy S20 deal: FREE phone and 125GB data each month for cheap

EE has a great Galaxy S20 deal going right now

Samsung Galaxy S20 EE deals
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The Samsung Galaxy S20 is as new as any new phone could be and you might think that means prices are going to be really high, but that's not necessarily the case as this deal on EE proves: 125GB data for just £41.75 per month with no upfront costs, thanks to a flash sale on

There's a lot to love about the Galaxy S20, which takes all of the best bits about the Galaxy S10 and makes them even better. As we found in our Galaxy S20 review, this is the real deal. The 6.2-inch display, design, and feel of the S20 are all amazing, easily ranking it among the best smartphones in the world. You also get the new triple camera system, ensuring that any photo or video you take pops.

Elsewhere, the S20 is stocked full of storage – with 128GB on board – and also has a microSD card slot, meaning you can add an extra 512GB if the mood takes you. Given the S20 can record 8K video, that might actually come in handy, especially on a trip or holiday. The battery is enormous, too, meaning the S20 easily lasts a day.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 (128GB) | EE | 125GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £41.75 per month with cash back (usually £51) | £0 upfront costs | 24 month contract | Available now (opens in new tab)
The S20 has it all: an amazing camera, the latest version of Android, all-day battery life, enough storage to last you a life time, and with this deal, more data than you'll know what to do with. All for just £41.75 per month, which is a steal for such a new handset.

So, if you're feeling like now is the time to upgrade your smartphone – or you just fancy a change – then this EE deal on the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the one for you, offering so much data for not a lot per month.

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