Samsung Galaxy S10 to feature notch-killing all-screen display

In 2019 notch-toting phones get put down for good, with the Galaxy S10 primed to lead the cull

Samsung Galaxy S10

The era of the notched phone looks like it is going to dramatically crash and burn in 2019, with phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 ditching the outdated technology in favour of full-screen displays with open hole camera technology.

The news, which will no doubt infuriate iPhone XS users and any other carrier of a notched phone, who face the prospect of years with their screen's real estate being eaten into, comes courtesy of the very well connected Samsung leakster-in-chief Ice universe, who recently posted that:

"The display open hole camera technology will become the mainstream technology in 2019"

Here is the Tweet in full:

What makes us think that Samsung and its Galaxy S10 will be the first phone to adopt this display open hole camera technology, despite it not officially confirmed by the South Korean maker?

Firstly, Samsung has so far refused to jump on the notch bandwagon with its phones, with both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 both eschewing the feature.

And, secondly, because Ice universe has a long and storied history with cryptically but accurately calling Samsung tech developments months before their actual official reveals.

Taken together, along with a series of leaks that claim the Galaxy S10 will be notch-free, and that it will have a stunning all-screen display, leads to the conclusion that Samsung is preparing something very special indeed for its 10th Galaxy anniversary phone.

A gorgeous, uninterrupted, all-screen display with state-of-the-art open camera and self-healing technology, as well as in-display fingerprint technology? Shut up and take our money!

Lead image credit: Ice universe

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