Samsung Galaxy Ring outed in new pictures as battery details revealed too

Samsung's Galaxy Ring in "round" shocker – but the images don't tell us the one thing we really want to know

Samsung Galaxy Ring
(Image credit: Samsung)
Quick Summary

The Samsung Galaxy Ring has popped up on the website of the FCC – America's communications regulator.

And while the pics don't really reveal much that's new, the battery details have been listed. You'll get a different capacity depending on your ring size.

New images have emerged of the Samsung Galaxy Ring, and we've got details of its battery life too. But the one thing we really want to know is still a mystery: how much will it cost to get the full Ring experience with the wearable and its accompanying health subscription plan?

The new images come via the FCC, which approves devices before they can be sold in the US. Samsung's filing shows that the wearable will come in a range of sizes from 5 to 12 and continues to look like a ring, albeit quite a chunky one.

The filing also tells us about the battery, which will be different depending on what ring size you get. If you go for the smallest Samsung Galaxy Ring you'll get a battery with 17mAh. If you go for the biggest, you'll get 22.5mAh. 

How does the Samsung Galaxy Ring compare to the Oura Ring Gen 3?

Those batteries are very similar to but very slightly larger than the ones in the Ring's main rival, the Oura Gen 3. Its batteries range from 15mAh in the smallest one and 22mAh in the largest.

According to Samsung you can expect up to nine days between charges, although as ever the real-world figures are likely to be less impressive. In our Oura Gen 3 review we found battery life of up to 7 days, and we'd expect the Samsung to be similar.

The Oura is clearly the main rival to the Samsung wearable, and we found it to be a five-star device provided you don't mind the price: it's a premium-priced product and you really need a paid subscription to make the most of it

 As we said in our review, we wouldn't recommend the Oura without the subscription: "it charges you to access almost all but the basic health data in its app". 

That's likely to be the case for the Samsung too, and while we don't have pricing or subscription pricing details as yet, the health plan is rumoured to cost "under $10" per month. It's unclear how much under $10 that will be, but by way of comparison Oura currently charges £5.99 per month in the US and $5.99 in the US. Apple's Fitness+ is £9.99 and we'd expect Samsung to go lower.

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