Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to get HUGE S20 Ultra camera upgrade

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 looks like it could sport the S20 Ultra's massive 108MP camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
(Image credit: TT Technology)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is shaping up to be an impressive phone. Rumoured to be launching in July, it's sure to boast tech just as advanced, or even more so, as Samsung's current flagship S20 series. It's also due to come with new features such as a redesigned S Pen. 

With any phone, the camera is often the biggest draw, and Samsung doesn't look set to disappoint here either. A new leak indicates the Note 20 will receive the same incredible camera as Samsung's highest-end phone to date. 

WinFuture's Roland Quandt suggests the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will get the same massive camera array as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, or at least a module of the exact same size. 

Quant compares a leaked mould for the Note 20 (referred to here as the Note 11) with the S20 Ultra case, which has an identical cut-out where the camera module can be installed. The suggestion is that both phones will use the same size module. Check out the leak in full below:

There's a clear similarity here in both shape and size. If the Note 20 is getting the S20 Ultra's huge camera, it could certainly do a lot worse: the Ultra is equipped with a quad-camera setup, include a huge 108MP camera sensor and 100x space-zoom functionality. It's no wonder it was nicknamed "Hubble" during production.

The Note 20's place as a premium phablet makes it suitable for a huge camera module too, with both the size and price point to justify it. The Note 20 has allegedly been nicknamed "Canvas" as a production codename, presumably due to its massive size.

The Note series, with its large size and in-built S Pen, is known for straddling the line between tablet and phone, taking a bite out of both markets. The S Pen allows you to create fine-point, sensitive illustrations on your phone and even has a touch-button, so you can use it as a remote control to take calls and cycle through slides in presentations. 

One of the best camera systems in phones today could only add to the Note's value – although it would inevitably push up the price point. We'll see exactly how much the next-generation phablet will really cost in July later this year. 

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