Samsung Galaxy Note 20 set to pack S20-rivalling battery in latest leak

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is going to pack a truly impressive screen with a battery to match

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is set to become the hottest thing in phones. The handset, rumoured to launch in July, is the latest in the "phablet" series of phones (a cross between "phone" and "tablet" perfectly designed for creative work). 

A big part of this creative work is the screen, the main point of interface between the phone, your thumbs and the Note series' S Pen stylus. The screen is surely going to be a barnstormer in order to keep up with this generation's rapidly-evolving flagship handsets, like the Oppo Find X2 Pro and OnePlus 8 Pro

You can expect all the usual suspects – 120Hz, incredible touch sensitivity (especially when paired with the stylus) and auto-brightness adjustment based on ambient lighting, for example – to be included.

However, such a screen comes with a downside: power consumption. The last model in the Note series, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, came with a 3,500mAh battery, but in line with other 2020 flagships, the Note 20 will need to go bigger if it's going to boast a powerful screen to compete with today's premium phones.

Fortunately, it sounds like this will be the case. Dutch Samsung blog GalaxyClub has reported an insider leak stating the "basic" Note 20 will be getting a 4,000mAh battery. The blog states the rated capacity will officially be 3,880mAh, but mentions the typical outage of such a battery will be closer to 4,000.

This is the same size battery as the bog-standard Samsung Galaxy S20, although the top-end Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra contains a massive 5,000mAh. It stands to reason we can expect the Note 20 Plus (or whatever form the ultra-premium Note 20 version will take) to have a bigger battery than its smaller sibling.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

(Image credit: Samsung)

We can also expect a redesigned S Pen to come with the Note 20, along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset. Again, the 865 is the same chipset contained in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, so expect the Note 20 to contain a lot of the tech that made the S20 series a huge success.

The Note 20 series is set to drop in July, providing the launch is not delayed as a result of the global health crisis. It's also due to arrive with the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. The new Fold was said to be joining the Note family, but the recently-reported lack of S Pen indicates this won't be the case. 

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