Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leak is the great news we've been waiting for

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is going to come with a feature that will be music to smartphone enthusiast ears

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
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With the Samsung Galaxy S20 series now hitting store shelves, focus has naturally turned towards the South Korean maker's next flagship phone, the Note 20.

Last year's Note 10 range proved to be a bit of surprise package for Samsung, with the handsets going on to sell far more units than had been predicted, with the Note 10 favoured by many.

Indeed, in T3's Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ review, we praised the super-sized phone mightily, but in the end still recommended the standard-size Note 10 as the phone most people should opt for.

And we did this despite the Note 10 not sharing one of the Note 10+'s best features — a storage-expanding microSD card slot. With 256GB of internal storage on-board, though, we were confident this un-expandable storage would not be a deal-breaker for many prospective Note 10 owners.

Now, though, it looks like Samsung has decided to bring microSD card slot functionality to the standard Note 20 this year, meaning that users will be able to cheaply expand their phone's internal storage.

This development comes from a report over at SamMobile that states that the Galaxy Note 20 is in development right now with 128GB of base storage. SamMobile note that this is too low a quantity of internal storage for a flagship phone, and therefore extrapolate that "there’s a good chance the Galaxy Note 20 will have a microSD card slot".

This, while obviously unconfirmed officially, does seem to make sense to us at T3. 128GB is, in 2020, far too little storage space to offer people on a flagship phone without the option of expanding it via microSD card.

Also, it's worth remembering that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 delivered a microSD card slot, and that was shipped in its base configuration with 128GB of internal storage, too.

Overall, then, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is going to get a microSD card slot and, to us here at T3, that is great news. It will make it even easier to recommend the standard size Note 20, which will almost certainly be the more affordable and more widely bought handset come late August.

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