Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G speed test result are in. Just how quick is this Android powerhouse?

Is it fast, or will you be furious?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G is shaping up to be a serious powerhouse. According to a leaked Geekbench result, the upcoming handset looks set to snatch Gold Medal position on the chart of the highest performing Android phones available right now.

The leaked result is one of a pair of new Geekbench results that have surfaced on the hugely-popular benchmarking platform. The devices are identified by the model numbers SM-N976V and SM-N976B and are widely believed to be the two 5G-enabled Galaxy Note 10 models scheduled to launch in August.

Samsung is widely-expected to launch two Galaxy Note 10 models this year – a more affordable variant with a smaller screen and a so-called Note 10 Pro with a humongous 6.7-inch AMOLED and four rear-mounted cameras. Both of these models will ship in 4G and 5G flavours, bringing the total to four.

For those who don't know, benchmark scores are designed to help consumers quickly compare performance between different devices on different platforms. So regardless of the chipset brand, manufacturer or operating system, the higher the Geekbench score, the better the performance. Simples.

According to the leaked benchmark for the maxed-out Note 10 5G, which is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 coupled with 12GB of RAM in the Geekbench listing, the handset can achieve a multi-core score of 10,840.

If you're wondering how that compares to the competition – as it stands, the Android smartphone with the highest multi-core performance listed on the Geekbench chart is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, which clocks in at 10,615. It's followed by the smaller Galaxy S10, which has a multi-core score of 10,576.

The Geekbench result was spotted and shared on /Leaks by eagle-eyed Samsung fans

Interestingly, when it comes to the single-core performance listed for the 5G-enabled Note 10, it's actually lower than the Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10. In fact, it's only slightly better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from last year.

Of course, it's possible this is just a blip. After all, the Galaxy Note 10 will be running pre-release software and it's possible this build of Android isn't quite as efficient as the final version already powering the likes of the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10.

As we get closer to the launch, which is purportedly pegged for August, expect to see more Galaxy Note 10 models popping-up on Geekbench and other benchmarking tools, as Samsung employees put the handset through its paces.

It's worth pointing out that benchmark scores aren't always a good indication of what the real-world performance of a handset will be like. While the numbers are important, it's not worth dismissing the Galaxy Note 10 outright if the final figures don't quite match up to what we're seeing here.

Elsewhere, the rumours swirling around the Galaxy Note 10 suggest it will have a tweaked holepunch camera display, known as the Infinity-O design. While earlier rumours pointed to the Note 10 ditching all physical buttons from the chassis in favour of small touch areas, that no longer seems to be the case. However, multiple sources have suggested the Note 10 will lose the 3.5mm headphone port.

As always, these are just rumours until Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh announces the handset on-stage, so take everything with the prescribed pinch of salt.

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