Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 leaked once again by... Samsung

The new smartwatch should offer a more budget friendly option for the Samsung Galaxy range

A leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3
(Image credit: 91Mobiles)

If you're in the market for a top smartwatch, you'll probably be aware of the top brands on the market. Apple are the most recognisable, though you'll need to look elsewhere if you use an Android phone.

There, you'll find popular models like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and the Google Pixel Watch 2. But if you need something cheaper – and are happy to sacrifice a few bells and whistles – there is an alternative.

Known as fitness trackers, these smaller watches offer much of the same tracking capabilities but often in a less cumbersome case and with a more manageable price tag. Now, the next generation of Samsung's efforts in the space has been leaked... again.

Yes, after popping up on the brands' Indian site last month, it has appeared one more on the UAE version of the site. It was only there briefly, but never fear – this is the internet, and someone spotted it before it was removed.

The device looks pretty clean, with a larger looking display than the previous model. That's in line with popular devices like the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro.

There's also a lot said about a new strap release mechanism. That's a quick release system with what is said to be a satisfying release noise. Regardless, it should offer a lot of options for users to change up the design on the fly.

It's also looking likely to be a globally released product. The support pages shown on the leaked page included nations in Europe, America and Asia, suggesting that the device will go on sale around the world.

That's a great sign for users. These kinds of devices can often be limited to certain territories, so it's nice to see it shown everywhere. There's no word on pricing just yet, but we will be looking out for further details over the coming weeks and months.

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