Samsung Galaxy Watch FE to be surprisingly affordable, according to early Amazon listing

Samsung's replacement for the Galaxy Watch 4 is coming soon and could be cheaper than expected

Leaked image of Samsung Galaxy Watch FE
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Amazon has accidentally leaked the Galaxy Watch FE prices for Italy, where it's coming in at a lower than expected €199.

If you've been intrigued by the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch FE, the latest budget addition to Samsung's range of wearables, there's good news from Italy. Amazon has accidentally leaked the price in that country, and it's lower than expected. 

The Italian listings cover three colour options – black, silver and pink gold – and the price for each one is €199. That's £168 before VAT at current exchange rates. That brings it close to the normal price of the Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm), which is now being discounted to £149 as it reaches the end of its commercial life, and it's a lot less than the £239 Samsung is currently charging for its cheapest Galaxy Watch 6.

That means the Galaxy Watch FE is shaping up to be one of the best smartwatches of 2024 for budget-minded buyers. Here's what we know so far.

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE: key features and specifications

We've been hearing about the Galaxy Watch FE for a while now, and we discovered some of its details on the Bluetooth certification site and on Samsung product pages. It's positioned as the Galaxy Watch for budget-conscious buyers, delivering the look, feel and key features of the more expensive Galaxy Watch models without the cutting-edge specs or accompanying price tag.

In the UK the Galaxy Watch FE is expected to replace the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, model number SM-R860, with a new model: SM-R900. We believe it'll have a 40mm case with a circular Super AMOLED display, most likely 1.2 inches, and that it'll have NFC for payments and Bluetooth 5.3 for connectivity. Sensors are likely to include the obligatory heart monitoring and motion detection as well as sleep tracking.

One of the things we don't know yet is whether Samsung's announcement that it'll be bringing Samsung AI to the health and fitness apps in its watches will include this as yet unreleased model. We're predicting yes, as the heavy lifting for the Samsung AI features run on the phone rather than on the watch: the beta program, which begins this month, is available for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic as well as more recent models. 

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